Almost everyone wonders if this world going to end. The answer is: YES

Many people still believe in no One God and no creator. For those it is hard to believe in an end to all living beings.

Think about this: Anything started by God must be terminated by God. Anything or being which has a boundary has a begining and an end, like humans and animals they appear when they are born and end when they die. Remember that material things transform.

The compelling question which makes all people wonder is: When is the end of this world ? Most people should be convinced that the world is going to end but when ?!

I shall narrow the answer for you. I shall tell you the truth: This world is going to end within the next 3000 (three thousands) years.

Only God knows the exact timing [Day and Hour]. I am inspired by GOD to narrow down that timing for you. Please remember

that it may happen sooner than you like to. The signs are in the Bible. Mathew 24:3-31,25:13; Mark 13:7-33; Luke 21:6-27; Revelation 6-end, 1Thessalonians 4:13-5:10, 2Thessalonians 2:3-2:14, 2Timothy 3:1-9, 2Peter 3:3-13

The clever, smart and intelligent is the one who is always ready. Be always ready. Remember that God, your creator (SPIRIT ) is in you.

If you are pure, he will guide you. Be pure, be holy and be obedient to God. Think about a world of pure and holy people.