Each and everybody is born pure, has not been affected by any force or influence yet. Babies do not sin or do bad acts. As a baby is growing up, the baby develops into a child. As a child is growing physically, he or she is also developing mentally. Children learn and each acquires various habits, personality traits and certain behaviors. What parents and surrounding society instill in children, that will certainly shape the outcome of children's actions, reactions and interactions.

Most acquisitions as well as changes happen during the teenage years . Each person is given free will but not an absolute will. In recent centuries children go to schools as early, in most cases, as four years old. They spend considerable time there and there they learn what will have a big impact on shaping their lives and their future.

The expansion of various media also, more or less, will have a big impact on people's lives and future. The quantity and quality time impacting young people's lives is shared between: Family, schools, media and other surroundings. Other surroundings include but not limited to friends, religious organizations.

Less and less time is being devoted to religion, spiritual teachings and positive beliefs. Most religions instill good values in people. Most likely the time devoted to learning good values is quality time which is well spent. People's behavior is the resultant of all the exposure, teachings and guidance which had been learned.

People have freedom of choice between good and bad, angelic and evil deeds. In order to produce good deeds out of people, we constantly have to instill and emphasize goodness in people. The bible is the very best source for humans. Purity in adults can be attained from the constant implantation of common good. Purity in adults is a manifestation of what has been planted in them throughout the years since the early purity after birth.