Most people think of prosperity in terms of material things only. There is nothing wrong in having nice material things as long as you remember that those will facilitate your life on this earth. Being rich, having material things, doing well, flourishing, being wealthy, having a fortune are signs of material prosperity.

I shall tell you the truth: When you leave this world, you will not be able to take material things with you, nor do you need those there. Said fact has never or ever will change. Hence, the question is : Is it wrong to prosper ! The answer is simple. One must prosper spiritually first, materially is of less importance. The material prosperity lasts only so many weeks, months, or years. On the other hand spiritual prosperity is for eternity.

The clever, smart and intelligent is the one who knows how to convert wealth or material things into a currency that is acceptable in the after life, on this earth. In order for prosperity to work for you, one must do good during his or her lifetime. Doing good includes vast and numerous things, here are some examples:

1. Purity of the mind, heart and the rest of the human body.

2. Spirituality.

3. Honesty.

4. Helping others.

Always, remember that the joy in giving is greater than that of receiving.

Always, remember that spiritual prosperity is far greater than that of material prosperity