Since the beginning of times, man searched for an origin. It was and still is obvious that man did not create animals or plants. Ancient nations worshiped many and various gods. That tradition, rather than religion, still being carried on till this day. Some philosophies and or teachings and or rituals developed and some are being followed till this very day.

The truth is: There is ONE GOD, the creator. It is very evident that a supreme being created all things and all beings and God made laws for the operation of the Universe. According to God's plan, Judaism was the first religion to teach the concept of one God. Humans can perceive material things through their senses and their thinking. GOD IS SPIRIT [Gospel St. John 4:24], the father, cannot be seen by human eyes. God has no boundaries unlike humans and every being on this planet. Because people cannot see God, humans are still divided in their beliefs.

Jesus Christ is God manifested in human body. It is written that God created man in his image and likeness. That is to say, man is created with spirit and flesh resembling Christ, God in human body. He is unique, nobody is or ever will be exactly him, so we cannot compare him to anyone in human history. Our brains, though the best among all creatures, cannot fully comprehend him or figure him out. Only what God revealed to us, that is what we should believe. All living beings including humans have limited abilities and capacities, no absolutes.

Modern science started just few centuries ago but most advances happened in the past 12 decades. It is patently unintelligent and unscientific to think that man evolved from other species or that complex organisms evolved from one cell mature organisms. Every organism has its characteristic genes. The similarities between humans and some animals indicate and illustrate that all the creation is the work of only one God . Similarities between family plants are obvious but again there is no evolution. It adds emphasis to the work of only one creator. Similarly, the similarities between the vast number of genes are yet another manifest of ONE GOD. Also the building blocks, so to speak, of each gene is more or less similar but different in composition and configuration, yet another proof of one creator.

It must be clearly noted that all living beings exist only on this planet, Earth. Mere speculations that any past or current living beings that existed or exist on any other planet in the solar universe is unscientific and plainly and totally wrong and is not supported by any scientific evidence. Such speculations are against the sound mind of any normal human being. I shall address this topic and other topics in my messages on this site.