Most people think of a church when they see a church building. There is nothing wrong in having nice churches, cathedrals or temples where people congregate or gather to worship, pray, celebrate or hear messages that strengthen their faith. There is nothing wrong in having a priest, elder, reverend, preacher, pastor, minister or chaplain to lead in prayer, or deliver messages or sermons. It must be understood first and foremost that the church is within each of you and without this church or temple all the above are useless.

First you must start with yourself. You must build the church or temple in yourself. If you follow the holy scripture then and only then you are building the primary church.

Some religions follow certain beliefs and perform certain rituals. People always think that what they believe in is the truth and the correct set of beliefs and everyone else is wrong and incorrect. Some religions had been for as long as humans been on earth, however most of those beliefs are the work of humans in sincere search of origin and purpose and it is very hard to deviate from long-standing beliefs even if they are plainly wrong. No religion is 100% wrong, otherwise it will not stand for long. People are very careful about accepting other beliefs other than what they have been taught or practiced since their early years.

Since most religious beliefs are accepted by FAITH and not by proof, the compelling question becomes: How can I know if the scripture is holy, sacred and from the divine one, GOD. The test is simple: Do such beliefs are true then, now and forever. Do they hold true at all times regardless of location or ethnicity. If any such beliefs defy the truth or hard to believe or in conflict with evidence or reality, then certainly such beliefs are not holy or divine.

Certainly doing good deeds stood the test of times and transcends any and all borders and locations and those are the start for building the first church in you. Doing good deeds are the solid foundation upon which the church in you will be built.

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